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Toggling between basic mode and advanced mode

To toggle between basic and advanced mode, click on the menu icon at the top left corner and toggle the "Advanced" checkbox.

Basic mode

In the basic mode, the calculator supports simple operations such as addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, division, modulus, percentage and expressions with braces.


When you click on "=" button, the value of the result, is saved to Ans. Click on the "Ans" button to use it in the next expression.

Also, after clicking on "=" button, clicking on any of the operators, automatically adds Ans at the beginning of next expression.

Advanced mode

In the Advanced mode, the calculator supports following functionality in addition to the basic mode features:


Trigonometric functions, such as sin, cos, tan, their inverses and hyperbolic functions.

Complex numbers

Complex numbers in both a+bi format and r∠θ format. For ex. 2+3i, and 6∠(Π/3)

Factorial, Permutations and Combinations

Factorial, Permutations and Combinations are supported for both real and complex numbers

Powers of 10 suffixes

Suffixes for powers of 10:

Memory variables

9 memory variables are supported. After an evaluation, click the "Save to mem" option, to save the result in a memory variable. Click "Add to mem" to add the result to a memory variable, and "Sub from mem" to subtract the result from a memory variable.

Click on the "Memory" button to see the current values of all memory variables.

Logarithmic functions

Log to base 10 (log), log to base e (ln)

Scientific notation of using numbers in expressions

In advanced mode, you can express numbers in scientific notation. For ex., 110000000 can be written as 1.1E8

Scientific constants

Scientific constants such as pi(Π) and e.

To the power of (^)

Expressions such as 2^3, for 2 raised to the power of 3 are supported in advanced mode.



This is toggle for Basic <-> Advanced mode as already explained above.

Angle in Radians/Degrees/Grades

This setting determines the unit in which angles are considered for trigonometric functions such as sin, cos, etc. and for complex numbers in notation r∠θ.

Free Mobile apps

Calculator is available as a free app on both Android and iPhone, and as a free online website at Find the links to the apps in the menu, or at

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